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How OST to PST Converter Works?

Check step by step procedure to convert .ost file into .pst file format

Step 1:

OST to PST Converter

First Step: Download, Install and Run OST to PST Converter.

Now, you will see the OST to PST Converter screen as shown on figure.

Step 2:

Select OST File

Second Step: Select OST file by clicking on "Browse" button.

Step 3:

Choose OST

Third Step: Select the required file that you want to convert in .pst or other format.

Step 4:

Scan OST File

Fourth Step: Now, start the scan process by clicking on "Scan" button.

Step 5:

Preview OST Items

Fifth Step: In this step, you can check the preview of OST file items.

Step 6:

Export OST Items

Sixth Step: To finalize the process, click on "Save" button.

Step 7:

Select Saving Option

Seventh Step: Click on required file format for saving OST file and select the desired location to save converted file.

Step 8:

Save Converted File

Eight Step: Click on "Save" button to finish the process of OST to PST conversion.

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